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Improve the patient experience, increase staff productivity, and enhance your practice’s communication with Answering Service One. We’ve built our services and features specifically to help save on your bottom line with a focus on measurable, high-impact results. 

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With 50 years of combined industry experience, see how our boutique approach to answering services are custom-built to meet the specific needs of your practice. 

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A medical answering service should be doing far more than just answering your phone when your office is closed. From encrypted SMS messaging, appointment setting,
to nurse triage services, see what
Answering Service One has to offer.

Top Features

Attention to details matter. Answering Service One’s commitment to the features modern medical practices need ensures that we deliver the best patient-doctor communication experience possible.

Who We Serve

Calling yourself a boutique answering service means that solutions must be driven by the custom requirements of their practices served. See the types of medical, hospitalist, and healthcare practitioners we serve on a daily basis.

Multiple omnichannels of communication to fit the needs of
​your patients, ​referral sources, on-call teams, and physicians

Medical Answering Service

Access to ONESecure
​PHI-HIPAA Compliant App

On-Call Management

Insource or Outsource Technology
​and Support Services

Electronic Medical Record Integration

Appointment Setting
​& Confirmations

Joint Commission, HIPAA,
& HITECH Compliant

Remote Receptionist Service

​Our Services

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Medical Answering Service

Answering Service One is a leading provider of contact management service to healthcare providers and networks. We utilize U.S-based agents to outsource your calls and mainstream your operations.

Nurse Triage

At times when it's critical to get a medical opinion while limiting contact with others, our Nurse Triage solutions enable you to offer virtual consultations with one of our registered nurses to ensure your ability to keep them from unnecessary ER visits.

Appointment Scheduling & Confirmations

Free up your reception staff to provide undivided attention to the patients and tasks in front of them by outsourcing time-consuming inbound scheduling calls and outbound appointment confirmations.


Doctors are busy and simply don’t have the time to talk to their answering service. Fortunately, the miTeamWeb portal can help you do just that. miTeamWeb is easy to use and accessible from any smart phone or computer. It allows for easy message management to view, reply, and share information. In addition to messages, the miTeamWeb also allows full access to on-call information. With this, doctors and their staff can view, edit, and create on-call schedules while protecting PHI and maintaining HIPAA compliance.


Ease of use and compatibility with Android and Apple platforms are essential features that make miSecure messaging by Amtelco our 
privacy-compliant app platform of choice, used exclusively at Answering Service One.


Where protected health or legal information is exchanged, companies are required by law to utilize an answering service that follows the directives of several legally-binding regulations. Encrypted to uphold HIPAA and HITECH requirements, miSecure is a leading choice for healthcare providers.

Only one missed appointment can cost medical practice $60,000 annually

​Top Features

No matter what, we have the tools to continue to partner with and support your medical operations by answering the phone or by providing a more robust package of services like appointment setting, nurse triage, appointment confirmations, and more.


Answering Service One is here to amplify your operations at a fraction of the cost.

24/7/365 Medical Answering Service

24/7 coverage from Answering Service One means your staff is alleviated overnight, after business hours, nights, weekends, and holidays, 
365 days a year. We are equipped for call overflow during business hours working to offload the demands on your staff. 

The customization of scripts and accessibility to nurse triage mean that at any time of day, your patients are able to speak live to a professional clinical provider when necessary, avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and cover vacancies in your next day schedule. 
This is a crucial component of the patient care experience, boosting the reputation and loyalty to your practice.

CUSTOMIZATION can allow providers to protect their off-duty hours and enjoy uninterrupted free time. Your patients will not need to experience 
extended hold times and your organization can avoid the expensive hire of additional staff. By streamlining communications through our convenient app and portal platforms, providers access more choice in how they spend time in their day, whether by reinvesting in the care of patients through longer visits, or by expanding their client load.

EMR Integration

Office staff and practice managers will be delighted by the complete integrations our agents and programs will offer through your ERM of choice or through our proprietary system. 

HIPAA / HITECH / Joint Commission Compliance

Our HIPAA, Joint Commission, and HITECH Compliant call and message delivery solutions integrate with all electronic medical record systems through HL7. 

Translation Service

Patients want doctors who can speak their native language. When is comprehension more vital than when communicating about health? 
This is why it's important for providers to work with answering service companies that can offer a caliber of language services that meet HIPAA compliance as well as maintain a high standard of fluency in a variety of languages. Answering Service One delivers on our promise to your patients that can receive the best level of care possible when reaching your answering service, and that means speaking with empathy, accuracy, 
and without barriers.

Reduced internal abandon from 30% to an average of 5%.

Improved delivery of PHI for a hospitalist group allowing  seamless communication to the delivery of consults with better and faster results.                  

Saved one-third of billable handle time from a previous provider by coupling the use of technology supported by well-trained agents  saving our client an average of $0.80 cents per call 35,000 times per month.

Deployed technology and support services to a large organ donor team resulting in reduced  call times  while gathering mission-critical information to  improve procurement times.

Integrated HIPAA compliant tools with large medical practice to save money per transaction while allowing the internal team to function in the same omnichannels – without breaches – while sharing PHI. Implementation of these tools improved the overall patient experience while allowing the physician to share patient details with the administrative team to improve patient record keeping and billing.

​Who We Serve


  • Assisted Living Residences
  • Chiropractor Offices
  • Clinical Trial Researchers
  • Community Health Centers
  • Consulting Firms
  • Dental Practices
  • Detox and Recovery Facilities
  • Donor Services
  • General Practitioners


  • Health Systems
  • Hearing Centers
  •  Home Health Care Agencies 
  •  Hospice Care Providers 
  •  Medical Information Hotline
  • Medical Equipment Vendors
  •  Medical Supply 
  •  Optometry/Ophthalmology
  • Osteopathy


  • Pharmaceutical Suppliers
  • Professional Associations
  • Social Services
  • Specialty Providers
  • Transplant Surgery
  • Urgent Care
  • Veterinary Offices
  •  Virtual Care Providers
  • Wellness, Natural Medicine, Yoga and Fitness Centers

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