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Pricing & Features:

Does Answering Service One require a service contract?

We do. Service contracts allow our operations to run smoothly. It also puts forward the terms we work on together. That way you know exactly what you're billed for, and what to expect for services provided. Contract length is flexible depending on how long you would like your services. Your contract will include your basic package, terms of agreement, and cancellation policy.

What is the billing cycle?

Billing takes place every four weeks. Your first bill will cover any set-up programming costs and the first month's base. 

Do I pay more for holidays and weekends?

Never! Our doors are open 24/7/365, and we do not charge extra for the agent time you purchase. We will ask that your team notify us about any changes to your own business hours or OnCall coverage, if applicable. 

Does Answering Service One charge by the minute or by the call?

We build packages to the minute based on your call volume, and bill based on your call handling time to the second — ensuring should you ever be over your purchased minutes that your overage fees are never rounded up.

Some answering services charge customers per call, but Answering Service One will never do this. You are billed by the second, and avoid paying for robo-calls or when a caller hangs up before the agents receives the call. 

Is message delivery included in my base rate?

Yes - through our online web portal. There is no charge for this.

Is there a fee to use a messaging app?

We include up to four devices logged into our miSecure messaging app per user. Each user is charged at $6.00 per billing cycle. 

Is there a fee to use the web portal?

Message retrieval on our online web portal is complimentary for our clients. For advanced reporting, voice logging, and more, our client services team works with you to customize a usage plan associated only with your advanced platform usage. 

What does translation service cost? What languages are available?

All languages are available for translation. Our service costs $2.25 per minute. Bilingual call management is available at no charge Monday - Friday from 8am - 9pm EST for Spanish speaking callers. 

How do I pay my bill?

You are welcome to pay by credit card (American Express/Master Card/Visa), ACH, Check-by-Phone. Monthly invoices are also optional to clients and payable via check by postal mail. 

Account Basics:

How many phone numbers can I use?

The initial Call line forwarding is included in your package - just let us know the area code needed. Each additional call forwarding number is billable at $5.00 per line. You are welcome to assign as many DIDs (Direct inward dialing number) as you'd like. 

Can I keep my current business number?

Of course! You will need to turn on call-forwarding to have Answering Service One begin to take your calls.

Can I receive a custom phone number? Will it be local?

Custom call forwarding numbers are available in your preferred area code. Vanity TFNs (Toll free numbers) or customized vanity call forwarding numbers are priced with our vendor and must be approved by the client before we proceed.

Do I need multiple phone numbers for different types of calls?

Some clients prefer to use multiple lines so that their call data can be analyzed, so we welcome customers to add multiple call forwarding numbers to their account as necessary. Our billing team is able to provide call details of all the calls per line on your invoice.

Why do rates differ between accounts?

Each account is customized to your call volume and usage. This is billable in all agent time, which is the amount of time the agent spends on the call with your caller, and actions based on your dispatch protocols. We bill in minutes - to the second. There is no rounding.


The rates you secure directly translate to the costs Answering Service One incurs in fielding the best agents possible. Account complexity and volume dictate we aim to custom-build a package for each customer separately rather than "race to the bottom" with a published flat rate. We make clear that Answering Service One may never be "the cheapest" service, but we firmly believe the difference in quality is clear with each interaction our agents take as your company representatives. 

How long is account startup?

Simple accounts can be setup in 48 hours or less. More complex account may take a bit longer. After our implementation team reviews your set up forms, we are usually ready to "Go Live" with your account within two days. Your sales associate will be able to discuss with you the "Go live" time. This depends on the complexity of the account and training time required for our team to take your calls. Expedited account setup is also possible.

How do I make changes to my account?

After your account is live, you will be given contact information for our Customer Service team. You are welcome to call and ask for any changes as needed! All changes will come to our Client Services Management Team via email or phone call. Changes are implemented within the same day by close of business, and we will confirm with you that the changes have been made. On Fridays, we ask for any changes to be submitted before noon to make sure we have all that we need for the weekend.

How many different phone numbers can be routed?

As many as you'd like.

What is secure messaging vs. standard messaging?

Secure Messaging is a HIPAA complaint app you may choose to install to your phone. It's unique to your login and password with a license key. We can relay full messages via secure messaging to include any PHI / HIPAA information. This is nice because you can have a two-way communication with our team in real time, or within your group, and you can forward messages or secure message your team members about any particular situation with priority, or urgency.


Standard Messaging is receiving a complete message without any PHI information.

How can I receive messages?

Secure Messaging



Web Online Portal


Can Answering Service One take orders over the phone?

Yes, we can take orders over the phone, on your website or through API integration.

Are my calls recorded?

Yes - all incoming calls are recorded. Patched calls are not recorded when it becomes a conversation between the caller and you on our line and the agent is not on the call. This occurs once the call is warm transferred.

Are my calls saved?

Yes all calls are saved and archived with their messages.

What is included in the portal?

Our online portal allows you to see your full directory, your messages in real time, and make changes to your on-call schedule.

Does the portal cost more money to use?

This portal is included in your package. We save you the cost of $25.00 per billing cycle.

How many logins can I utilize on my portal?

There is one login for your account.

How does Answering Service One protect customers from power or phone line outages?
Where can I read independent reviews of Answering Service One?

We are happy to supply you with references.

Why is U.S.-based a better quality of service?

Our belief simply is that U.S.-based agents working with U.S.-based businesses produce the best customer interactions. Our hope is that our agents represent our clients as if they were working directly for them, as we are a seamless extension of your company.

Our agents follow and exceed the industry gold standard for quality assurance of all calls. We monitor three calls a day at minimum with a score of 90 percent and above. Based on this, our phone etiquette, adherence to the script, and attention to detail are maintained in a brick and mortar environment in our US locations, which are far more equipped than those outside North America. Our service maintains coherence, politeness, and attention to detail that is not possible in centers and agents located outside the United States. Services that operate centers and employ agents based outside of the country experience difficultly with quality control. 

What is HIPAA compliance?

HIPAA compliance means that you have done the work to satisfy the elements of the personal health information protected by Security Rules and regulations. Each of our agents pass a HIPAA certification test when they are hired. This is refreshed with our team every quarter.

Does Answering Service One charge more for HIPAA compliant service?

For customers who need the extra levels of encryption for our communication (most typically those in the medical or health-adjacent fields), there will be a fee for HIPAA compliance of $7.95 per billing cycle.

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