A Few Words About Who we are

1995: Industry veteran Janet Livingston founded Answer Center America Inc. and expertly grew it into a BPO firm that received recognition on the prestigious INC 500 list as well as the INC 5000 list.

2010: After retiring from her decades-long career in telephone answering service call centers, Janet Livingston took on a handful of clients on a consulting basis to occupy her time.

2014: A couple of clients quickly snowballed into the birth of a new company, Call Center Sales Pro. With a focus on comprehensive analysis, Janet's approach provides centers with holistic recommendations to improve all aspects of operations, enabling outsource call centers and telephone answering services to take the pain out of growing their businesses. 

2017: Answering Service One is created to provide telephone answering services to businesses in need of call center support.

2018: New Connections Communication Services joins the Call Center Sales Pro network


2018: Redding Answering Service joins the Call Center Sales Pro network


2019: Seagate Connections joins the Call Center Sales Pro network


2019: Call Center Sales Pro introduces business process outsourcing (BPO) with services including sales, marketing, end-to-end consulting, comprehensive billing service and support, vendor management, and other custom services for their call center clients. 


2019: Recognizing a need to develop an overarching brand that is representative of a wide family of evolving services, ONE Business Solutions is introduced.