When you pick up the phone make a call, you don't want the other end to be answered by someone that is difficult to understand,
isn't coached to improve performance, or is unprofessional and rude.

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At Answering Service One, we remove frustration from the telephone answering service experience by hiring and nurturing only the best people. From our agents to our senior team, our dedicated professionals partner with you as a seamless extension of your existing operations.

To ensure that we have only quality agents answering your calls when you can't, we employ only US-based, professional agents that physically operate from our offices in order to ensure that they stay focused on your call and can be coached in real time by our floor supervisors. 

Sales Specialists
Our sales team strives to craft a package exclusive to your specific needs and our account management team steps in to ensure that you continue to get what you paid for. From basic message taking to HIPAA-compliant communications and appointment scheduling; whether expanding your daytime coverage or simply answering the phones after you punch out for the day, Answering Service One goes out of the way to best understand how our offerings is here to make sure your callers never go to voicemail.

Account Management
Our account management team joins the conversation when you are ready to partner with Answering Service One. Through a 90-day incubation period with each new account, our team stays closely looped in monitoring quality, reviewing billing, and ensuring overall client satisfaction.
If things aren't quite right, our account managers work to adjust things until you're happy.

Senior Team
Directed by Janet Livingston, an industry leader with over 40 years of telephone answering service experience, our senior team is comprised of
solution-focused professionals that are dedicated to providing tailored and valuable service to create satisfied customers. This group of professionals has a long-standing history in TAS and years of experience collaborating together and producing award-winning results as a team. They remain dedicated to augmenting their respective teams with new talent as the opportunities arise to do so.

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