A Family of Answering Service, Call Center, and BPO leaders in America

We are a force for change in business communications and operational excellence. CCSP is a company that powers our interlocking service and consulting brands, uniting around one vision, mission, and team.


Our experience - backed by forecasts and case studies alike, tells us that people are still the most important capital in business, supported by intelligent tech and strategy.


We meet challenges with an eye to learn the whole infrastructure of companies that need to balance a strict bottom line without compromising the quality of customer and stakeholder contact. Our goal is to enhance it all: financial outlook, capacity to scale, efficiency, employee success and customer satisfaction. 


We can take many steps with solutions begin with help answering calls to transforming your communications infrastructure. We will find the gaps and raise your profile by implementing what will help your business shine, from answering service and business process outsourcing to acquisition, right-sizing and consulting programs.

Our Mission

Helping our clients do more with less is the motivation behind all we do at CCSP. Less stress and confusion, less loss and limitation, less crossed wires and ultimately, less cost. The more? More space to discover what will help you to back your employees to become more skilled and versed in the core functions of your company, more support from our areas of expertise, and more happiness for you, your clients, and future. 

Our Vision

We see an opportunity in fields of trades, service industries healthcare, government, and small business operations to deliver custom strategies and tools that open gateways for our partners. The next level looks like enhanced focus, financial liberation and unparalleled performance. 

Our Team

Integrity, kindness, aspiration, communication and loyalty underscore decades of experience and hundreds of employees that together make CCSP. These pillars define our parent company, as we oversee multiple U.S.-based call centers, business process outsourcing departments, and consulting teams that work with our family of clients.

Our 40+ Years of Industry Experience Means We Have the Answers Your Business Needs

We're a team that builds new capacities during difficult economic periods and we emerge empowered. Striving for growth in each of our agents, quality assurance and client relations professionals, senior educators, trainers, marketers, business development pros and principal consultants. 

Answering Services

Your patients, clients, tenants, customers, and associates need you 24/7/365.Technology has changed the business world and paved the path to new industries.
And yet, studies have proven that over 80% of business contact happens by phone across most industries. Unanswered calls, delayed responses and professional communications can push up to 71% of your customers away. Your bottom line drops the same as that call! CCSP’s family of answering services are here to ensure your phones are always answered, your customers are taken care of, and your messages are delivered to you the way you want.

Contact Centers

Sometimes your needs extend beyond connecting a call or taking a message. As your business-needs scale, CCSP is here to scale with you. When demand for more complex tasks pair with increased volume, we ensure your business runs smoothly by expanding our services. We take the satisfaction and success of the answering service experience and expand it into a plan that connects your goals to the best trained agents and technology. With a customized plan of action, our contact centers will manage functions that deliver measurable outcomes.

Business Process Outsourcing

Add more departments to your business without having to buy a single cubicle — or cut your bottom line.


No matter the department, ONE is ready to help. Our suite of BPO capabilities guarantee that you can focus on your core competencies while all other functions are tracked and handled. From small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations, needs arise to retain a firm of educated, experienced and professional talent to ensure trained specialists are always available, but only billing you for the time you’ve blocked. 

Our BPO services can step in as a temporary bridge to facilitate critical operations during a merger, downsize, expansion, special project, or vacancy.
And when the project is complete? We work to explore adding our BPO as a permanent off-site extension of your team


What’s next for your career and your business? We have the answers. Our 40+ years of industry experience means we have the answers your business needs, even when we aren’t it. When considering advice, it is often most fruitful to find an objective expert in the area. Our senior leadership has had decades of success building multi-million dollar corporations of industries nationwide. 

Our consultancy adapts across verticals by specializing through dedicated market analysis and on-site observation. Our opinions have enabled more than 10 million dollars in positive outcomes for companies and their owners through dozens of processes. And all it took to start was picking up a phone...