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Municipal agencies are chartered to deliver the residents of their jurisdiction taxpayer-funded community service, programs, and public safety.


Throughout decades of answering service, contact center and outsourced call support, Answering Service One and its family of brands have become a trusted partner to government offices large and small throughout the United States. 

To begin, Answering Service One is experienced in maintaining cost controls and adheres to maximum transparency in managing, billing,
and servicing our public accounts.


Whereas many clients of answering services are seeking a return on investment, governments also need to optimize funding to receive the most and best administrative services available.


We communicate on behalf of public offices at scale with accuracy and efficiency being paramount features of our business.


From tourism, education, public health, emergency response, and statewide transportation and emergency dispatch, department heads from the city, county, and state levels elect to work with Answering Service One to ensure citizen-funded call center operations are handled expertly and with comprehensive benefits, savings and service offerings. 

Answering Service One can:


Staff 24/7 contact center and answering services extending public hours of operation and working around strict payroll budgets,
reducing expenses to staff qualified professionals

  • Conduct complex intake questionnaires and applications by phone for public universities, utilities, and benefit departments 
  • Order fulfillment
  • Record and report incidents and activate emergency service dispatch
  • Information and FAQ hotlines
  • Translation services provide multilingual caller support for non-native English speaking citizens
  • MiTeamWeb dashboard is available to government offices in real time reporting on call recordings, usage statistics and messages
  • Failsafe communications are supported by a network of brick-and-mortar contact centers housing Answering Service One agents and technology assuring redundancies are in place during emergency disaster response circumstances.


If your agency is in the process of seeking bids for contact center operations, please send your solicitation of request for proposals directly to:
Marc Fishman - Answering Service One Director of Sales 
Municipal references available upon request. 

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