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Precision Matters in Legal Answering Services

Some studies suggest that the interruption from answering a single phone call can derail your productivity for as long as 30 minutes, reducing your ability to focus.
At law firms, this is not only a deterrent to staying on top of an immense volume of work, but can take a large bite out of your billable time, costing tens to hundreds of thousands in lost revenue annually.

Legal call care solutions with Answering Service One are designed to remove tedious interruptions and deliver sophisticated phone support to callers of all kinds.
As hearings and briefings require undivided attention from assistants, paralegals, and attorneys, the right answering service will be able to communicate with your firm efficiently through easy to manage message taking and delivery, consultation bookings, secure messaging, appointment setting, and more.

Answering Service One clients in the legal industry are impressed by the precise and professional manner with which our entire operation conducts business on your behalf. We are reliable and consistent, abiding by strict confidentiality regulations, and adhere to working with your firm at the pace to which our legal clients are accustomed.

Appointment Setting

Appointment scheduling, reminders and confirmations done consistently will save any business practice a lot of money. This is especially the case at legal firms shouldering a smaller case load, as well as at larger outfits where inbound calls can be constant.

Having a 24 hour scheduler available to work with your firm allows for new cases to be funneled directly into an available counsel's calendar, and to take advantage of filling vacancies quickly due to changing schedules, which can be daily in the life of an attorney. When billable time must be maximized, Answering Service One can work in conjunction with your attorneys to maintain an organized schedule and profitable schedule, consistently welcoming new clientele who were satisfied to speak with a live person who can help them right away. 

Answering Service One can work with your secretarial and legal staff to create new appointments, confirm, and reschedule for multiple professionals in your firm.
If it makes sense for your firm, we can even dedicate an exclusive appointment telephone number for new clients as part of your firm's marketing strategy. 

If you prefer, our appointment team is also able to integrate our scheduling services into your ERM and platforms. These services are included in your agent talk time minute package. 

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