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Answering Service One does far more than just answer a phone and take a message. Founded on 40+ years of experience, we are company that has seen it all, done it all, and taken the time to learn from it all. Whether your business simply needs overnight or weekend coverage, to detailed appointment setting in a HIPAA-compliant environment... our well-trained agents, supervisors, and senior team treat your business as our business. 

We are a boutique answering service and business process outsourcing partner, serving businesses of all types, including:

Medical & Healthcare

Property Management

Service Industry

Small Business


Government / Municipalities

Inbound Answering Services

Inbound calling is the solution most clients seek at the start of a partnership with Answering Service One. Services are truly customized to your needs.
You may start small — covering overnight and weekend hours — or scale to complete 24/7/365 coverage. Inbound service packages include:

  • DIDs: Customized local or toll-free phone number(s) options, or calls forwarded from your existing telephone line(s).
  • Front-end greeting: Greet your callers with with a personalized pre-recorded message that can manage call time more efficiently. This allows your company to relay pertinent information to your callers before they speak with a live agent — reducing potential robo-calls and excess agent time.
  • Agent talk time: Following a script we can help you to create, our telephone answering service specialists greet your callers, accurately collect their information, and review the message for accurate transmission. Common calls we handle include requests for service or product information, support with a product, appointment requests, cancellations, emergency requests, employee call offs, first notice of loss, and more. 
  • Message DeliveryAnswering Service One will always record your calls, logging call details to our miTeamWeb portal. You may retrieve your messages using our portal or elect to have messages delivered instantly or on a set schedule — via fax, e-mail, text, or even a phone call. 
  • PatchingFollowing your directives, your calls can be transferred to a pre-determined agent or roster of agents at your company depending on the criteria of the call. On-call lists can be managed directly by you via our portal, or simply sent to our customer service team.

Outbound Dialing / Business Process Outsourcing

Outbound clients work with Answering Service One to outsource a comprehensive array of calls covering both business-to-business and business-to-customer needs. These calls can accomplish time-consuming work, benefiting operations in customer service, marketing, lead generation, and more.

As needed, AS1 can be asked to place calls that save your company time, including: calling back customers on your behalf, confirming appointment times, verifying contact information, and providing customers with specific information according to your instructions. Beyond this, we can collect details from your callers that will help classify them to measure ROI, such as determining their referral source to your company, indicating if they are part of your sales pipeline, and more. 

Some frequent types of outbound calling we perform include: 

  • Telemarketing / sales 
  • Appointment setting
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Market research, polling, and surveys 

Translation Services

Answering Service One offers a competitive edge in supporting non-English speaking callers. While the typical answering service will attract customers by committing to assign "bilingual" agents to accounts, these services routinely rely on personnel availability. These agents might also offer limited, conversational language fluency that will not satisfy the needs of your company, or your callers.

Answering Service One translation services include a long list of languages, are fast, accurate, and have limited restrictions on availability. This lends confidence to our clients by assuring you that no language barriers will interrupt the quality and consistency of care you wish for every point of contact we handle on your behalf.

Our translation providers are also able to translate live on emergency and crisis calls in which on-call representatives of your company are patched in. 

  • Encrypted Messaging — with miSecure Messages

Texting is today's most prevalent form of communication, but did you know it's also the most efficient and confidential method of message delivery for answering services and call centers nationwide?


Ease of use and compatibility with Android and Apple platforms are essential features that make miSecure messaging by Amtelco our
privacy-compliant app platform of choice, used exclusively at
Answering Service One. 

Where protected health or legal information is exchanged, companies are required by law to utilize an answering service that follows the directives of several legally-binding regulations. 

Encrypted to uphold HIPAA and HITECH requirements, miSecure is a leading choice for healthcare providers. In corporate settings, the app can be employed to ensure sensitive communications remain confidential, assuring business stakeholders that select communication remains restricted to authorized eyes only. 

The layers of privacy that miSecure can offer also facilitates improved, streamlined communications across the multiple industries catered to by Answering Service One .

Privacy is not the only reason why we maintain that miSecure is the ideal messaging app. The platform is widely celebrated for its efficiencies among working groups, including time stamps, group chats, and scheduling updates!

Answering Service One can offer standard SMS message delivery, and will often recommend adding miSecure service to all of our clientele to enhance the speed and function of communications across teams at minimal cost.

On Call Management and Portal (using miTeamWeb)

Answering Service One's real-time web portal is a complimentary account management platform accessible by smartphone, tablet, and computer devices. Through the miTeamWeb portal, we communicate and record all details about each call we take on your behalf. Clients can observe their most recent and historical caller activity, including call logs, hear recordings, and review billing data.

The portal is an efficient place to communicate with us about important account updates, such as identifying the most current members of your team who should receive messages or patched calls. It will also allow you to specify when, how, and who to connect with when different types of calls needs immediate support during and beyond your business hours.

While many answering services levy additional fees to offer the miTeamWeb application to their clients, Answering Service One will never charge you extra for using miTeamWeb. It belongs to a group of value added benefits you will always receive as a client, including enhanced customer care and account support. 

For healthcare Doctors are busy and simply don’t have the time to talk to their answering service. Fortunately, the miTeamWeb portal can help them do just that. miTeamWeb is easy to use and accessible from any smart phone or computer. It allows for easy message management to view, reply, and share information.

 In addition to messages, the miTeamWeb also allows full access to on-call information. With this, doctors and their staff can view, edit, and create
on-call schedules while protecting PHI and maintaining HIPAA compliance.