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Let Answering Service One become your number one resource for your communications needs. With Answering Service One, you can reduce your expenses, provide excellence to customers, enhance your communications, and realize increased focus.

Answering Service One is the one 24-Hour telephone answering service that tops all others. Our motto says it all: “Number one in quality, number one in customer service, and number one in value.”

24 Hour Telephone Answering Service Benefits

Reduce Expenses

As a businessperson you know the importance of controlling expenses and the need to run a lean operation in order to maximize the bottom line. That’s what running a business is all about. Overspending can turn an otherwise good year into a bad one. And if expenses are too high for too long, you will fail to remain viable as an organization. Insolvency results, layoffs occur, and your mission shifts to a desperate scramble to survive.

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Provide Excellence

In today’s society, consumers seldom tolerate an error and are quick to switch their business allegiances over the smallest of slights. That’s why top-notch customer service is critical. The mantra to “do all things with excellence” occupies the attention of most every business: the service industry, business professionals, tradesmen, manufacturing, food processing, entertainment, and healthcare. Providing excellence is key—to everything.

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Enhance Communications

Some employees just shouldn’t interact with the public. They may know their jobs well, having mastered the skills to perform them with excellence. However, their communication skills have a decided lack of quality. In fact—despite having done their work admirably and met all expectations—they sometimes turn people off. In extreme cases, how they communicate may drive business to your competition.

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Increase Focus

In our always-on, multitasking, multi-device world, distractions flood our mind to interrupt our thoughts and block our focus. With all the disruptions intruding how can we accomplish anything that requires sustained focus? We can’t. Every beep, ring, and text blocks our ability to make the critical decisions needed for our organization. We end up spending all of our time reacting with no time left to plan.

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I had many answering services to pick from, but Answering Service One quickly emerged as my number one choice!

Nick Pedersen, owner of Pederson Manufacturing

Answering Service 1 can handle all our complicated on-call needs. I can specify a primary on call for each area and designate a backup. Each on-call person can have his or her own contact preferences, based on the time and day, along with a secondary contact method if the first one doesn’t work. Plus they can accommodate last minute on-call changes. But the kicker is their online portal for us to add, edit, and change on-call information.

Kayla Dillinger, business manager for Westside Medical Clinic

Because of the answering service’s professionalism, we have taken on a lot of new business. Plus we’re now a ‘preferred vendor’ for the school, county, and two major general contractors.

Bart Sizemore, owner of Sizemore Heating, Plumbing, and Electrical

The constant interruptions were driving me crazy. I actually thought I was about to have a nervous breakdown. Answering Service One saved my life—literally.

Tracie Stangel, general manager of Pinnacle Property Management

Using the virtual receptionist service from Answering Service One kept me from making a costly hiring mistake, allowed me to better tap the skills of my receptionist, and kept the staff from a full-scale rebellion over answering the phone.

Nick Pedersen, owner of Pederson Manufacturing