Getting the most out of your CRM with an Answering Service

22.10.20 04:18 PM Comment(s) By Brandon

Boost Your Efficiency with ASO and Service Fusion

If your company is owned by a master tradesperson, Service Fusion is a game changing behind the scenes tool for running an entire business without formal accounting, management, finance, customer experience and marketing education, or the budget for these expensive hires.


For staff, it was a revelation, yes? One easy to navigate platform is now suddenly streamlining customer intake, scheduling, estimating, billing... and it's making a big difference nationwide for just about every trade that makes up the service industry.


With a little time, training and effort, your company has made the discovery that Service Fusion offers both convenience and more simplicity across the day to day and throughout the big picture.


If all is working out, efficiency is boosted and business starts to boom. Customers love the experience of working with a company that can text arrival times and emails their estimates with quick turnaround. With great word of mouth, it's blissful to watch new customers flock to your businesses!


Now, everything is coming up roses, right?


Well, almost. With these new tricks accessible to your entire team, you've got almost all the bases covered... with one glaring exception.


Potential customers are looking for you 24/7. They're planning home repairs, reading your previous customer reviews, or frantically searching for a trusted company to turn to during an unexpected crisis. Maybe they found your website through Google Local Services, caught your amazing Yelp reviews, or asked for a callback from HomeAdvisor.


Finally, the investment you've made in advertising your website and phone number both online and in real life is paying off: calls are coming in from this season's promotional postcards, local networking events, and especially Facebook community groups.

As soon as your website or profile is clicked, converting this customer depends on delivering immediate, unbeatable pricing, quick availability and verifiable quality service. It also depends on whether or not they can reach you at all.

Knowing that service calls come in at all hours, every day of the week, you've realized your need to work with a service-industry focused answering service.


Round the clock phone support will stop your company hemorrhaging potential leads that may become loyal, repeat customers. But is it enough? 

Consider your scrolls of morning messages delivered by an answering service from customers new and old. As business speeds up, this may actually be overburdening your staff. The receptionist (slash dispatcher, slash customer service rep, slash biller, slash Service Fusion admin) might be losing valuable "speed to lead" time on all of your customer recruitment channels. How can they multitask while busy moving data from one email window, social media window, and customer recruiting websites into Service Fusion? It is a process in and of itself creating accounts for new leads, updating existing customer accounts, and scheduling. It's like taking two steps forward and one step back!


You may be thinking of hiring new staff to support your office team. But what if an already trained team of professionals were available to not only take messages, but also perform the time-consuming tasks that Service Fusion requires for optimal benefit?


Without making the call, your company management may never realize that the answering service is almost always the more affordable option than hiring more staff, promising long term benefits and robust administrative support features you may never have considered. Although many money-saving perks can come with an answering service package, electronic record management is either a conversation starter or an abrupt end of discussion when choosing an answering service. And, finding the one that can work within your existing setup is incredibly difficult, especially after migrating to a program like Service Fusion.


Rather than outsourcing your overnight and weekend emergency calls to a basic answering service that can barely go beyond storing and sending you messages (leaving your team to wade through hours of callbacks each morning), a better choice exists in partnering with a Service-Fusion ready answering service.


How can we help? 

Book More Service Calls
Answer your calls 24/7

Once your caller dials your number, day or night, (and even during office hours!), we can can greet your potential or existing customers, share basic pricing and availability information, and input their contact data. We will also make record of their referral source. This means that whether they need you now or later, they'll always be reachable through your marketing campaigns, and you can ensure that each of your funnels is being tracked and measured as much as possible.


For customers requesting a service time, our Service Fusion-trained call specialists will be able to book available appointment times as well as communicate directly with your team, all without interrupting your tech's billable time or burdening your reception and office staff. Of course, when customer questions and needs require more than what your scripting dictates, we will readily connect them to a pre-determined on-call representative or next available member of your team.


When the client is a repeat customer, or even on an annual service plan, we can place outbound scheduling calls, helping fill your calendar months in advance to give you better lead time in scaling your team up or down for your busiest and slowest seasons. 

Convert More Estimates

Follow up with Customers Quicker 

How many clients are sitting in the estimate phase without time or tracking to reconnect? These jobs represent thousands of dollars in revenue that may be lost forever without a little more customer contact. With outbound calling orders, our Service Fusion-trained virtual receptionists will act on strict reminders to assure your company that all customers with outstanding estimates receive timely follow up and never fall through the cracks. 

Have Happier Clients
...That become positive reviewers 

After a client receives service, it is the most important time to extend thanks and seek feedback. Let your team work on billing disputes and unpaid invoices while the agents on our Service Fusion call team take on the follow-up contact process and score their experience all within their customer record for you.


By updating your company's operations in signing up for Service Fusion, you are taking wise steps to maximize business in the more streamlined, cloud-based, automated climate in which we now live.


Customer contact will still remain a juggernaut for growing businesses across industries, especially with conversation channels open 24/7 across multiple platforms.


By moving some or all of your call management to a Service Fusion-specialized answering service, you will experience enhanced efficiency, improved reputation and most importantly, jumpstart the growth you're working toward at the fraction of swelling personnel costs. With reliable, always trained, always accessible phone support service integrated into the fine customer management platform you've chosen with Service Fusion, your focus can return to helping the people in your community while ours keeps them calling back. 

To learn more about how Answering Service One's boutique Service Fusion call support plans can deliver fast results to your company, call us today for your customized package or, click here

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