Answering Service Increases Contractors Focus and Maximizes Results

Being a contractor is a hard business. There’s constant pressure to complete your current jobs on schedule. But at the same time, you must get future work lined up, so you and your workers don’t end up with nothing to do. However, it’s hard to do both things well.

That’s why you need help. You need a...

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Appointment Setting Service from Your Answering Service Helps Keep Your Schedule Full

What happens when your answering service takes a message from someone who’s calling about an appointment? It’s simple. You or your staff calls them back to arrange a time to meet.

But there’s an even simpler solution. Don’t have your answering service take a message. Have them schedule the appointmen...

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Answering Services Help Property Management Companies Shine

To optimize their success, property management companies must provide around-the-clock availability to their tenants, potential renters, and other stakeholders. Yet they also want to keep the demands on their employees reasonable.

Since it’s not cost-effective for property management com...

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Secure Messaging is Essential

Keeping patient information protected and secure is not only the right thing to do, it’s also required by HIPAA regulations. You knew that. But did you know this also applies to your answering service when they communicate with you about your patients? Furthermore, did you know you’re legally respon...

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Medical Telephone Answering Service Is a Critical Tool for Healthcare Organizations

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, a medical telephone answering service can help provide critical communication to better serve patients and reduce costs. Here are some of the things medical answering services can do to help your practice, clinic, urgent care facility, hospit...

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