Appointment Setting Service from Your Answering Service Helps Keep Your Schedule Full

16.11.20 01:21 PM Comment(s) By Brandon

If You Need to Keep Your Calendar Booked, You Need Appointment Setting Service

What happens when your answering service takes a message from someone who’s calling about an appointment? It’s simple. You or your staff calls them back to arrange a time to meet.

But there’s an even simpler solution. Don’t have your answering service take a message. Have them schedule the appointment instead. This saves you from having to make a call back and provides an instant answer for the caller. Everyone wins.

Here are some of the ways an appointment setting service can help keep your schedule full to maximize your productivity and profitability:

Remove Idle Time

If you or your staff have open slots in your schedules, this represents downtime when you’re unable to work or to sell. It doesn’t matter if the appointment is to perform a billable task or a sales meeting to discuss a product or service. If nothing’s booked, then nothing’s happening.

Let your answering service work around-the-clock to keep your schedule booked. This will result in less downtime and allow for increased productivity.

Increase Revenue

Some appointments are for billable time, such as for consulting or to perform a service. Other companies set appointments for sales opportunities to promote products or services that will produce revenue later. Either way an appointment is a revenue opportunity. To maximize revenue, which impacts the bottom line, it’s critical to keep your schedule full.

Your answering service can do this for you with their appointment setting service. This allows you to maximize your revenue-producing opportunities.

Capitalize on 24/7 Availability

People don’t call for an appointment when it’s convenient for you, they do it when it’s convenient for them. Often this happens when you aren’t in the office. This is where your answering service comes in. They already have you covered 24/7 to take messages. They can do the same with appointments.

Whether in the evening, overnight, or on the weekend, your answering service is ready to answer your phone to help keep your appointment calendar full, with their appointment setting service.

Enjoy Office Hours Coverage

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business, even if you’re a busy midsized business, it’s often hard to handle those appointment requests that come in during the business day. You’re probably out making things happen. And though someone wanting to make an appointment is a critical request, you dare not let it interrupt another appointment. That would be disrespectful to the person you’re meeting with or working for. Instead use your answering service appointment setting service to take these office-hours appointment requests, too.

Interface with Your Scheduling Program

If your scheduling program is accessible via the internet, your answering service and you can work off the same schedule. This removes the need to sync separate databases, eliminates double bookings, and reduces open slots. And if you don’t have your own scheduling program, your answering service can provide one for you, which will be available to you anytime through a secure internet connection.

If you’re serious about keeping a full schedule to maximize productivity and increase revenue, then you need appointment setting service from your answering service. This is something all leading answering services can provide.

Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer from Southwest Michigan. Check out Answering Service One to see if they’re the right answering service solution for your business.

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