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Reduce Expenses with a Business Telephone Answering Service

Answering Service One Helps You Save Money and Improve the Bottom Line

As a businessperson you know the importance of controlling expenses and the need to run a lean operation in order to maximize the bottom line. That’s what running a business is all about. And even if you operate a nonprofit or volunteer organization, you still need to manage costs with care if you hope to maintain your organization and continue serving your stakeholders. That’s where a business telephone answering service comes into play.

Overspending can turn an otherwise good year into a bad one. And if expenses are too high for too long, you will fail to remain viable as an organization. Insolvency results, layoffs occur, and your mission shifts to a desperate scramble to survive.

Nick Pedersen, owner of Pederson Manufacturing, knew this too well. His brother-in-law had staffed up his consulting business too fast, but sales couldn’t sustain the payroll. The poor guy worked long hours for over two years to turn things around, but in the end, he failed and had to beg for his old job back from his old boss.

Realizing he needed a Business Telephone Answering Service

Nick vowed to not repeat that mistake. Yet he saw a problem looming. It started with his receptionist of all people. She worked full time, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and did a great job.

But there were issues. First they were open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., as well as Saturday morning. Someone needed to cover the phones before she arrived, after she left, and on Saturdays. Plus she had a morning and afternoon break and an hour for lunch. Add to that her vacation, sick days, and personal days. That amounted to a lot of time when she wasn’t there to answer the phone.

At first Nick tried a policy of “whoever isn’t busy when the phone rings should answer it.” That sort of worked—for a couple of days. Then everyone learned to act busy each time the phone rang.

Next Nick tried assigning an individual staffer each day as backup to cover the phones when the receptionist wasn’t there or was unavailable, but employees complained this kept them from completing their other work. Nick even tried answering the phones himself. Then he understood why his employees were ready to revolt. “Hire a second receptionist,” they demanded.

Temp Agency vs. Professional Business Telephone Answering Service?

Nick was on the line with the temp agency when he remembered his brother-in-law’s failed business. No, he couldn’t afford to hire more help. Things were already tight. If anything he needed to scale back his labor, not add to it.

He went online and started searching for relevant phrases he hoped would give him some direction. He tried “reduce phone answering costs,” “replace your receptionist,” and “automate phone answering.” Though each search provided tons of results, none offered a viable solution that would allow him to maintain the personal touch his customers expected and save money at the same time.

Next Nick tried “receptionist outsourcing” and then “virtual assistant.” Though closer, these also failed to provide what he wanted. Then he merged those two search phrases and typed in “virtual receptionist.” Bingo! In the end he chose Answering Service 1, a sophisticated business telephone answering service that offered a professional, cost-effective virtual receptionist service.

“I had many business telephone answering services to pick from,” Nick said, “but Answering Service One quickly emerged as my number one choice!” He decided to have them answer his phone around the clock, covering the times they were open, as well as providing extended business telephone answering services phone coverage for evenings and weekends.

He transitioned his loyal receptionist to become his administrative assistant. This move transformed Nick from a haggard business owner who struggled putting out fires every day, into a smart entrepreneur who had time to plan, grow his business—and enjoy time with his too-often-neglected family.

“Using the virtual receptionist service from Answering Service One kept me from making a costly hiring mistake, allowed me to better tap the skills of my receptionist, and kept the staff from a full-scale rebellion over answering the phone.”

By tapping the expertise of Answering Service One's business telephone answering service, Nick was able to keep his payroll costs in check, while increasing the hours covered and improving the overall quality of communications with his customers. As a side-effect, this freed him up to have time to actually lead his company, which just completed its best year ever. “And it all started with the helpful folks at Answering Service One,” Nick said with a satisfied grin.

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