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Who uses a medical telephone answering service?

  • Private practice physicians, osteopaths, holistic care providers, dentists and most other healthcare professionals
  • Private practice clinics and community clinics
  • Urgent care facilities
  • Hospitals and medical centers of all sizes

Any health provider can benefit from teaming up with a professional healthcare answering service. Staff is constantly being reduced in all types of medical facilities. Staffs that remain are often overworked, seeing to a zillion details every day to keep the operation running. In cases like this, incoming phone calls routinely end up being sent to voicemail, and we all know what can happen then.

The fact is, many people won’t leave a phone message. Depending on who the caller is, he or she might just try another (competitor’s) number. With a professional medical telephone answering service, that won’t happen to you. We believe that every single call that comes in to your practice or facility should be answered promptly and professionally by trained personnel who can take and relay messages, schedule appointments and answer questions. This is the foundation of a good healthcare answering service.

How medical call center services can help you

Answering Service One’s expertise lies in designing strategic phone-answering programs that are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Once we understand what’s currently lacking and what you need to accomplish, we’ll put together a medical telephone answering service strategy that will cover every base and free you and your staff up to see to the needs of patients and take care of daily business tasks. Based on your healthcare answering service requirements, our skilled team of phone professionals can:

  • Answer your phone(s) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year
  • Explain the services you provide to first-time callers
  • Take accurate messages from callers and relay those messages to the right individuals by phone, e-mail, text messaging or whatever system you prefer
  • Set appointments and manage your calendar
  • Handle the re-scheduling of appointments
  • Be on the job and ready to fulfill all other medical call center services needs

Polite, courteous phone representatives

At Answering Service One, we know it’s not enough to just answer phones. Many people who call a medical telephone answering service are troubled and stressed and need a calming, professional person on the other end of the phone. We train our phone staff to be polite, courteous, caring and helpful, just like you would be if you answered these calls.

Our goal is always to represent you with the highest level of attentiveness and professionalism – and we have very stringent guidelines in place to ensure that this happens with every call.

Would you like to learn more about our medical call center services and how they can benefit your practice or facility? Call Answering Service One today at 800-901-7776, and tell us how your communication with patients and colleagues needs to improve, and we’ll tell you how we can help accomplish that improvement.