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Increase Focus

Answering Service One Can Reduce Distractions and Help You Focus On What Matters Most

In our always-on, multitasking, multi-device world, distractions flood our mind to interrupt our thoughts and block our focus. With all the disruptions intruding on every minute of our day, how can we accomplish anything that requires sustained focus? The answer is that we can’t.

As a result, every beep, ring, and text, every email, Skype, and knock on the door, and every ad, popup, and enticing click bait all conspire to keep us from accomplishing anything that’s truly important. This blocks our ability to make the critical decisions needed to move our organization forward.

We end up spending all of our time reacting, which removes any time for planning. Some people call this the tyranny of the urgent, where the press of now keeps us from making significant plans for later.

A humorous example comes from the talking dog in the movie Up! “Squirrel!” This image is so appropriate to our society’s distractibility that the explanation of “Squirrel!” has become part of our culture, highlighting our short attention spans and overall inability to focus.

More scientific is the finding that the average human attention span has decreased 50 percent in recent years. In 2000 researchers determined we had, on average, twelve seconds to focus on one thing before something or someone stole our concentration. Now that time has dropped to a mere eight seconds.

As a humbling comparison, a gold fish has a nine-second attention span. The inescapable conclusion is that gold fish have greater focus than we do. Ouch!

Tracie Stangel, general manager of Pinnacle Property Management, knew this all to well. When her firm was small and had only a few properties to manage, she had adopted an open office policy, where anyone could drop by at any time. And they did: tenants, property owners, site managers, maintenance staff, and subcontractors. Sometimes they had a problem for her to solve, other times they wanted a sip of her always-fresh coffee, and a few were just bored.

Her accessibility made Tracie extremely popular with everyone. As a result the number of properties she and her team managed quickly grew. So did the number of interruptions to her day—every day, every hour.

Though people seldom pop into her office anymore, her open door policy shifted the intrusions to the phone, email, and text. The increased ease in which people could contact her simply encouraged them to reach out even more.

“The constant interruptions were driving me crazy,” admitted Tracie. “I actually thought I was about to have a nervous breakdown.” Her kids begged her to quit, but they needed her income, and her husband suggested she hire an assistant to screen all her communications, but the owner wouldn’t allow her to hire a staff person who didn’t directly handle an income stream.

However, Abigail, her best friend since grade school, had the perfect solution. “You need a telephone answering service,” she said as they shared lunch at their favorite restaurant.

Tracie thought about this option. “That would cover the phone, but what about the texts and emails?”

“The best answering services can handle your text messages and emails, too, just like your phone calls,” answered Abigail.

“Where do I start?” Tracie asked. “There are too many options. What if I pick the wrong one?”

“Simple. I use Answering Service One,” said Abigail. “They handle the business line and email for my art gallery. They’re the main reason why I’m usually so calm.”

Tracie just stared at her friend, hoping they could help her as well, but her frazzled mind couldn’t even think straight.

Abigail smiled. “I’m enjoying lunch with you while my answering service is basically running my business,” she said with a wink. “Easy Peasy.”

A month later Tracie couldn’t wait for her lunch date with Abigail. “Answering Service One saved my life—literally,” Tracie said to Abigail as soon as the hostess had seated them. “Thank you so much for the recommendation!”

“That’s what friends do for each other,” Abigail answered. “Tell me about it.”

“The answering service handles all my calls, emails, and text messages 24/7. They essentially took over my old smartphone number, and I got a new one; only they, my family, and you have it. I spend most of my mornings planning and much of the afternoons in key meetings. I block out three times each day to return calls and go through emails. And if there’s a true emergency, the answering service sends me a text.”

“Your phone hasn’t gone off once during the whole time we’ve been together today.” Abigail leaned back and smiled. Her eyes got just a little misty. “I think I’ve got my old friend back.”

“My kids are happy, my husband’s no longer grumpy with me, and I have peace,” said Tracie. “I owe you big time!”

“Yes, you do!” Abigail gave a mischievous wink.

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