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In today’s society, consumers seldom tolerate an error and are quick to switch their business allegiances over the smallest of slights. That’s why a top-notch customer answering service is paramount for all businesses. The mantra to “do all things with excellence” now occupies the attention of most every business and nonprofit sector, including the service industry, business professionals, and tradesmen. It also applies to manufacturing, food processing, entertainment, and especially healthcare.

Providing excellence is key—to everything, and the reason to consider hiring a customer service answering service to outsource customer service!

Kayla Dillinger understands this all too well. She’s the business manager for Westside Medical Clinic, a strategic group of health and wellness practitioners who have teamed up to provide a much-needed array of coordinated holistic health services.

She started as Dr. Taylor’s sole nurse when he first opened his practice thirty years ago and has been with him ever since. Together they grew his single-doctor medical office into the healthcare cornerstone of their community.

As the operation expanded, Kayla set aside her practice of nursing to become a manager of nurses—along with receptionists, aids, technicians, and a host of other concerns. Her latest promotion has her running the entire operation, with all the staff—including the doctors and therapists—reporting to her. She answers only to Dr. Taylor, as his second in command.

“Excellence in everything,” says the doctor every chance he gets. “In our field, a mistake can cost a life.”

It’s time to hire a customer service answering service to outsource customer service!

Nurse Kayla understands this and agrees with the good doctor, yet this pursuit of excellence is taking its toll on her. Lately she’s been wondering if she needs to become a patient of the very organization she runs. Or maybe the better solution would be to seek counseling from someone outside their clinic.All of the changes in healthcare over the past few years have conspired to force their clinic—along with everyone else in the healthcare industry—to accomplish more and achieve greater results, all the while receiving lower reimbursement rates.

Kayla made the needed adjustments in the office, which she runs with a strong hand and a gentle smile, but it’s the after-hours activity that seems out of control—out of her control. Having staff on-call is a requirement in healthcare, but no one likes it, and everyone complains.

She must schedule one on-call person for each discipline, along with a backup. Then they need a workable protocol for handling changes in on-call assignments. Plus she actually resorted to a database in order to track everyone’s preferred contact method and alternate contact method for each time of day, and day of week. It’s a nightmare. No wonder their customer service answering service has problems keeping up.

After one particularly grueling Friday, she sat dumbfounded in her office, well past her too-typical departure time of 6:00 p.m. She stared at the wall, unable to move. She didn’t even notice when Doctor Taylor came in and sat down. He asked her three times, “What’s wrong?” before she comprehended his question.

She turned toward him, moving in slow motion. When they eventually locked eyes, she opened her mouth to speak but no words came out. Only tears came, a small trickle that gave way to a steady stream. In the end, the doctor drove her home because he didn’t think she should drive. He ushered her to her door with the promise of “Don’t worry. We’ll figure something out.” She went inside, locked the door, and cried some more.

Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Outsource Customer Service!

On Saturday Kayla picked up the phone to find a counselor. Her first call rang several times before a haggard-sounding woman answered, all out of breath: an answering service, a really bad one. Kayla hung up, but a thought formed. They didn’t need to be tied to a poor customer service answering service any more. It was time to find a good answering service.

What she needed, what the clinic needed, was a professional medical answering service with sophisticated oncall software. Surely there had to be one customer service answering service out there that could do what she needed and not mess up every night.

Her next call was to Dr. Taylor at his home. When she shared her idea, he let out a slow sigh. “I was afraid you were calling to quit.”

“An hour ago, I might have,” she said, unwilling to hide her raw emotions, “but now I have hope for a manageable solution. I know there’s a quality answering service out there somewhere, that we can outsource customer service calls to, but how do we find them?”

“You rest, and I’ll call some of my colleagues for referrals. Don’t give it another thought this weekend. We’ll look at my list on Monday . . . assuming you’re up to come back in.”

“I’ll be there.” Kayla shoved her weekend plans aside for some much-needed “me time.” On Monday she arrived earlier than usual, anxious to see the list of prospective customer service answering service Dr. Taylor had compiled.

A single piece of paper lay on her desk. In the doctor’s unmistakable scrawl, the note read “Call Answering Service One.” It said nothing else.

An hour later Kayla hung up her phone and scooted off to find Dr. Taylor. “Answering Service 1 can handle all our complicated on-call needs. I can specify a primary on-call for each area and designate a backup. Each on-call person can have his or her own contact preferences, based on the time and day, along with a secondary contact method if the first doesn’t work.”

She paused to take a breath, “Plus they have a provision to accommodate last minute oncall changes. But the kicker is an online portal for us to add, edit, and change oncall information.”

It seemed too good to be true, but the following Monday, after their first weekend of using Answering Service One, Kayla knew firsthand that they were the solution she so desperately needed. Problem solved. She wouldn’t have to quit after all.

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