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Focusing on Smartphones is Smart Business

Focusing on Smartphones is Smart Business

Twenty years ago, people looking to find business solutions went to the Yellow Pages. Nowadays it’s hard to even find one. That’s because today’s go-to resource for information is the Internet, which people access using their smartphone.

My, how things have changed. Make sure your business changes with it.

It Starts with Your Website

Today, every viable business must have a website. It’s how people will find you and learn about your company. But beyond having a website, there are three basic, essential expectations that your website must meet.

First, it must be up-to-date. A website with old information will scare away visitors.

Next, it must have your contact information. This includes your phone number, as well as your email address. And if you’re on social media, put in links to those as well.

Last, but also critical, make sure your website is mobile friendly. This means your website will automatically resize itself and display nicely on the much smaller screens of smartphones. This is important because more people today access websites through smartphones and other mobile devices than they do from desktops or laptops. That’s why you should always test your website on a smartphone—because that’s what most of your customers and prospects will be using.

Respond to Inquiries

Now that you have your website working as it should, you’re poised to serve customers and gain new business. However, this requires a timely response to those inquiries. This means answering your phone, responding to email messages, and reacting to people on social media. It also means that you must do so quickly.

Today people have little patience. Remember, they’re on their smartphone, with a world-wide repository of information at their fingertips. If you don’t answer their call or respond to their email, they’ll quickly forget about you as they go on to contact someone else—your competitor. When that happens, you’ve lost business and you helped your competitor gain business.

But how can you respond to inquiries and respond quickly when you’re busy running your business?

You Need an Answering Service

A telephone answering service can answer calls and answer them quickly. Not only can they take messages from callers, but they can also give out information. Put together a list of FAQs (frequently asked questions) for your answering service to use. Let them give your callers basic information so that you won’t need to call them back.

Answering services can also handle your email messages, just like they do your phone calls. They can respond quickly and provide information. They can even monitor your social media accounts for you, reacting as appropriate and bringing important posts and tweets to your attention.


Smartphones have made us an always-on, ever-connected society. That means we need an always-on and ever-connected business. But this is a challenging goal that’s hard to achieve on our own. That’s why we need an answering service. With an answering service as our business communication assistant, we can match the needs of today’s smartphone users—on time, every time.


Richard L. Hutcherson is the director of operations for Answering Service One, a new kind of answering service that wants to become your number one resource to handle your communication needs. Contact Richard at 865-505-0456. Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer from Southwest Michigan. Check out Answering Service One to see if they’re the right answering service solution for your business.

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