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Access Answering Service Data Using miTeamWeb Without Human Interaction

Access Answering Service Data Using miTeamWeb Without Human Interaction

A Web Portal Enhances Communication Between Providers and Their Answering Service

Healthcare practices and medical clinics need medical answering services to hold costs down while ensuring 24/7 availability. It’s a given. The challenge is optimizing communication between healthcare providers and their answering service. The next-generation solution is available now. This is a powerful PC and mobile app, called miTeamWeb, which accesses the answering service web portal of leading providers. It’s a technology solution to enhance healthcare communication.

The miTeamWeb portal doesn’t replace your answering service, it empowers it. Your answering service will continue to provide live, 24/7 service to your patients and callers. But once the caller hangs up, miTeamWeb kicks into action, getting the right information to the right person, fast and accurately.

This empowers doctors and healthcare professionals to move quickly into patient care, but it’s not all on their shoulders. The answering service can track what’s happening on miTeamWeb and watch for delays or dropped calls, which happens to even the best healthcare providers. If this occurs, the answering service jumps in to help move things forward.

An Answering Service Web Portal Is Loved by Doctors

The reality is that most doctors don’t want to talk to their answering service. Many see it as an extra step that gets in the way of them doing their job: caring for people and addressing their healthcare concerns. Fortunately, the miTeamWeb portal can help them do just that.

The miTeamWeb is easy to use and accessible from any smart phone or computer. It allows for easy message management to view, reply, and share information. In addition to messages, the miTeamWeb also allows full access to on-call information. With this, doctors and their staff can view, edit, and create on-call schedules.

An Answering Service Web Portal Is Packed with Power

The miTeamWeb is a powerful solution that is user controllable. Portal users can add notes to records and securely push protected health information (PHI) to other healthcare practitioners. Other useful tools include the ability to broadcast messages and codes, manage codes, and control consults.

With this app on doctors’ smart phones, they have critical information at their fingertips. They also have a versatile tool to facilitate communication and speed results. The miTeamWeb provides all this and more.

An Answering Service Web Portal Offers Tangible Outcomes

With miTeamWeb, users can communicate more effectively, saving them critical time. And since time is money, this helps reduce costs as well. And in the healthcare industry, controlling expenses looms as a critical concern. Not only does this save practitioners time, but it also cuts up to one minute off each call an answering service handles.

In addition, this handy tool helps reduce errors, errors that occur from misunderstandings when verbally relaying information and relying on handwritten notes. When you cut out these two time-consuming and error-prone tasks, mistakes decrease and precision increases.

In Summary

The miTeamWeb portal is a convenient, technological communication solution—monitored by real people—to provide primary access to answering service information. It puts actionable data into the hands of your healthcare staff.

(The miTeamWeb portal—developed by Amtelco, an industry-leading call center vendor—is provided by Answering Service One and is available to all clients.)


Richard L. Hutcherson is the director of operations for Answering Service One, a new kind of answering service that wants to become your number one resource to handle your communication needs. Contact Richard at 865-505-0456. Peter Lyle DeHaan is a freelance writer from Southwest Michigan.

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