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The first impression

Our operators understand the value of a good first impression. When your clients, colleagues or potential customers call in seeking an appointment, they’ll be greeted by a warm, welcoming voice that puts your entire company brand in the very best light. We train our appointment setting answering service personnel to be friendly, helpful and professional.

Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of calling to set up an appointment or get questions answered only to be greeted by someone who sounded distracted and bored and was anything but helpful. Answering Service One will never let that happen with a single one of your valuable calls.

A full scope of professional services

Regardless of the size and scope of your business and your communications needs, we offer an appointment setting answering service that will help you to remain highly competitive:

  • Well-trained and experienced team of phone personnel including bilingual operators
  • Quick pick-up of phone calls every hour of every day, all year long
  • Accurate message taking and relaying of all messages to the correct individuals according to your protocols
  • Working from your directives, we’ll schedule all appointments in a way that meets the time constraints of everyone involved
  • Confirmation of appointments and re-scheduling of appointments, as needed

We represent you

Your business demands consistency across the board. That’s why our goal is to blend seamlessly with your business style and serve as a trusted part of your operation. By representing you with the highest level of professionalism and accuracy, your callers will be impressed that you’ve gone that “extra mile” to ensure the best service possible.

Answering Service One develops customized appointment setting programs across all industries, from medical and legal to real estate and professional services – anywhere companies can’t afford to miss a single call or appointment.

Get to know more about how we can help with all your appointment setting answering service needs. Call 800-901-7776.