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What does a property management answering service do?

Answering Service One is a fully staffed, fully experienced communications team that can take over and properly handle all incoming phone calls when the property managers’ offices are closed.  We train the staff who will answer your calls in all the protocols and systems you’ve set up for dealing with the various types of issues that arise after hours.

At night and on weekends and holidays, your commercial or residential tenants who reach out to you will be delighted by a friendly, helpful phone representative who understands their issues and concerns and quickly begins working toward a solution.  Callers may not always be perfectly happy when they dial your number, but they’ll end up a lot more satisfied when a real person is there to greet them and help them rather than a cold voice mail recording that offers no satisfaction.

We know your tenants are valuable and that having their calls answered promptly by a knowledgeable representative is a critical part of good business practice.  We also know that a big reason tenants vacate a property is because they perceive their needs aren’t being met.  With your management working regular business hours and our property management answering service personnel taking care of all the other hours, you’ll solve problems 24/7/365 without a single break in service.

Coverage for all types of situations

Using your protocols and requirements as our roadmap, our property management answering service covers all the bases :

Emergencies: We provide direction to callers for any type of emergency.

Complaints: Our phone personnel always strive toward quick, mutually beneficial resolutions.

Routine calls: We handle questions and provide needed information – including to prospective tenants.

Messaging: We can relay messages to you by e-mail, voice messaging, text messaging and other forms of information relay, based on your specifications.

When you partner with Answering Service One, you get predictable results from a leader in property management answering service operations.

  • Everything handled by the book, according to your directives
  • Thoroughly trained phone representatives who know your business and your desired outcomes
  • Professional, courteous interactions with all your callers
  • Complete reports that track all the activities we engage in for you
  • Quick response when you need to reach us with your own questions or concerns

Call Answering Service One at 800-901-7776 and tell us your challenges, and we’ll show you how we can customize the perfect solution that’s ready to work for you around the clock, all year long.